Long Term Disability Benefits (LTD)

Long Term Disability

The Long Term Disability (LTD) program provides a regular income to Members who cannot work due to illness or injuries not covered under the WorksafeBC.

Core LTD

Since 2003, the PEBT has provided the Core LTD program to all eligible Members. As established in Bill-7, the Provincial government provides the funding for this program.

For the Core LTD program, the PEBT:

  • Manages the funds provided by the government.
  • Determines the LTD benefit level based on available funding.
  • Oversees the program’s administration.

The PEBT partners with Desjardins Insurance (Desjardins) to administer and partially insure the Core LTD program.

To be eligible to receive Core LTD benefits, a Member must be ill or injured and unable to work for 120 calendar days. This is called the elimination period.  For those Members that work less than 12 months per year, the time not normally worked during the year is not counted toward the fulfillment of the elimination period.  See further details in the Frequently Asked Questions section here.

Since July 1, 2016, the monthly Core LTD benefit has been set at 70% of a Member’s earnings. This benefit may be reduced by other sources of income. These reductions are called Benefit Offsets and can include benefits such as Canada Pension Plan (CPP).

Because the Provincial government (through the PEBT) pays for the Core LTD coverage, any benefits a Member may receive while disabled will be taxable.

There are a number of terms, conditions, and restrictions related to Core LTD benefits. For more information visit the PEBT administration website or read the complete plan provisions in the Core Long Term Disability Program (PDF) document.

“Other” LTD Programs

Before the PEBT’s establishment, some school districts/union locals provided LTD programs with benefits greater than those offered by the Core LTD program.

Some school districts/union locals have agreed to provide “Other” LTD programs to eligible Members. These Other LTD programs provide additional benefits to disabled Members on top of any Core LTD benefits they may receive.

Other LTD programs are funded entirely by contributions from the employers and/or Members, and are not a part of the PEBT plan.

Desjardins administers and insures the Other LTD programs.

For more information about any Other LTD program offered by a particular school district, visit the PEBT administration website or contact the applicable district benefits administrator.

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